Outrageous authenticity

By Milan Botica / February 4, 2017

Are you worried about scaring men off by being yourself? I mean, totally authentically YOU. What if a man left because you’re more fully expressed? How could he possibly be Mr. Right if he doesn’t like the REAL you? Of course, you can’t just parade your whole life in front of him upfront. That won’t […]

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A 5-star man meal at McDonald’s?

By Milan Botica / January 31, 2017

One of women’s biggest complaints is that they can’t find “good men.” “Quality men” is another common phrase for that. Either way, it basically boils down to men who are authentic, honest and relationship-minded. Right? So then I ask these women where they’re meeting men. And I hear answers like “bars,” “Tinder” and other free […]

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[Video] How to say no to men

By Milan Botica / January 22, 2017

You want to confidently date? You want to feel like a truly self-empowered woman? You want to have a peaceful “out” of any awkward situation with men? Here it is, with a script you can swipe. (Watch the video above!) To sharing your life with The One, Milan P.S. Have a question about this video […]

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By Milan Botica / January 18, 2017

“This is taking too long!” Mr. Right attraction can be like meditation. You know, Sunni, sheer frustration. When it’s “supposed to be” enjoyable, like the gurus tell us. How exactly?? Aye, there’s the irony. Because if you focus on the frustration, the noise in your head, or the chaos life starts feeling like… You just […]

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