I’ve worked with well over 250 paying clients since 2007. Here’s a small sampler of testimonials…

“I was ready to give up the idea of meeting somebody… Yet, after a few weeks of working with Milan, I started noticing a difference in me. And now, in 4 short months, I have attracted the gentleman I call my soulmate. Thank God for bringing this wonderful coach Milan into my life!”

Lilian Kwan

Accountant in Irvine, California

“Before working with Milan, I was feeling a lot of fear regarding moving forward in my career and romantic relationships. Today, I have five agents, am in a fabulous relationship, and I am making more money than I thought possible in my career.”

Laura Ann Riley

Actress in Burbank, California

“My relationship with my fiancé is at an incredible point and the coaching I have had is working wonders for my sex life!!!”

Kelly Jarvis

Government Specialist in Brisbane, Australia

“Milan showed me how many of my ‘I’m-outta-here deal breakers’ were really like dials – NOT on / off switches. I could decide how much of what I was okay with. He also showed me how to speak more neutrally vs. emotionally, which meant continued connection with my partner.

“Milan is a no-fluff coach who knows how men tick — and can articulate that in ways that most men can’t. That’s why I feel more secure and confident than ever as a single woman in her mid 40’s dating.

“If you’re open, willing, and ready to change some of your dating habits, give him a try!”

Shawna S.

Art Therapist, Artist, & Certified Lifeline Coach in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Where do I start… Milan came into my life some 7 years ago, initially for 12 months. He has been an absolutely godsend to me and has helped me through lots of struggles and huge highs and lows.

During this period, Milan kept me on an even keel, never judging, never taking sides, but merely offering me support and guidance to come to my own conclusions. Sometimes it was hard facing reality, realizing that I was the cause of some of my outcomes, but once that reality surfaced, it was then easier to get to the solutions.

Each step of the way, Milan has been there like a guardian angel, with his soft spoken words of encouragement and his great sense of humour when it was needed. I have been on a roller coaster, but am now on gentle curves heading for my destination, for it is a never ending journey of insights and discovery that will always be there.

Having Milan for guidance has taught me how to accept myself and enjoy my journey and I will be eternally grateful for having such a treasure in my life. Thank you, Milan.”

Ronnie Malthouse

General Manager in Perth, Australia

“Anyone who has the privilege to work with Milan is lucky beyond belief. Just a few words each time I had with Milan changed my life for the better. He’s what I call ‘OFF THE HOOK GOOD!!!’ Love you, Milan, and thank you for always being there for me!”

Michal Mael

CEO, Michal & Company in Los Angeles, California

“I walked in the door having no idea what to expect…

I’ve always had an issue saying no, yet you worked with me so quickly on saying no really meaning saying yes to me. After our session, I was obsessed with getting to where I was going and felt empowered to release situations, events, and people no longer aligned with my direction.

Weeks later, so much of what we worked towards fell into place easily and effortlessly. Truly life-changing!”

Dianne Gubin

Career Coach and Recruiter, Amplify Professional Services in Los Angeles, California