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By Milan Botica / November 13, 2016

Donald Trump’s stunner victory this week holds a major relationship lesson. As we’ve seen peaceful resistance boil over into violent riots in some cities, there’s clearly a divide. Disappointment festered fast into resentment and revenge. The ancient Hawaiians knew better. So if you’re ready to heal any resentment you have (a major secret to attracting […]


A Simple Way to Dial Up Your Attraction V.I.B.E.

By Milan Botica / August 16, 2016

Many years ago, frustration used to grind me down with friction. And when my “gears” got hot enough, the heat often got vented as anger. At situations… people… and the Universe itself. Which meant attracting much less than I wanted, and cycling into more frustration and anger. What emotion messes up your vibe the most? […]


When You Get Mad at Him, Ask Yourself THIS First

By Milan Botica / August 11, 2016

Any time the guy you’re with triggers you, this one question is more important than any other… (Watch the video above!) To sharing your life with The One, Milan P.S. Have a question about this video or any other question? Then come ask in our Facebook group. I’m in there daily and look forward to […]


A Great V.I.B.E. = A Great Relationship

By Milan Botica / August 2, 2016

Where do you experience ALL of your relationships? Yup, inside you. In your own thoughts and feelings. Yet you don’t want to just react to what people say and do — especially with your guy. You want to think and feel in happy ways no matter what, right? But how? The four components in your […]


Terrorist? You??

By Milan Botica / June 16, 2016

Orlando… Brussels… Paris… the list goes on. Terrorism is a terrifying thing. Yet, we all terrorize ourselves. Sometimes in small ways. Sometimes in big ways — especially in dating! Here’s a tip to help you notice when you’re doing it and re-center: (Watch the video above!) To lasting love, Milan P.S. Have a question about […]

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