[In response to many women asking, I’m doing a live training this Saturday called How to Know When to Trust Men So You Don’t Waste Any More Time or Get Hurt Again.

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Hi Sunni,

You finally find a nice guy…

And he asks you out!

So then you go out. Which goes great for you.

You’re looking forward to the next time.

Even though you didn’t pre-agree on when to have a next date…

You don’t even question there *will* be a next date.

Until he doesn’t call for three days…

Then it’s four.

Soon it’s a week, and you wonder:

“Why did he disappear, just like so many others?”

“Did he find someone he likes better?”

“Should I text him?”

Your mind spins. Your heart aches. Your stomach is in knots.

For so many women, this recurring nightmare haunts them because they don’t understand men’s signals.

They also don’t understand the signals they’re putting out.

If you’re ready to tune in to The One, you have to tune into these signals.

That’s why I’m doing a LIVE online training this Saturday @ 1PM Pacific all about when to trust men, so you don’t waste any more time on the wrong men and don’t get hurt again. Sign up here:

NEW live training: How to know when to trust men

Yes, we’re recording it (technology gods permitting). But you have to register to get the recording.

To sharing your life with The One,