Kasey Bergh was on a business trip in Denver in 2012 when someone she was supposed to meet didn’t show up.

So she texted a co-worker she knew locally.

Except they hadn’t talked in awhile, and the co-worker had a new number.

A guy named Henry Glendening now had the old number.

Yet, even after she realized her mistake, Kasey’s intuition told her to keep texting with Henry.

She just felt a connection. (In text, at least.)

At first, Henry was heading to work but said he’d be “down to hang” otherwise. Their first coffee date wasn’t far off.

Which is where things *really* got interesting…

Turns out Kasey was 53 years old, while Henry was only 23.

Yet the more Kasey and Henry got to know each other, the more they found they had in common…

They both loved the same music, like Death Cab for Cutie and The Flaming Lips…

And the same books, like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention…

And adventure, like cris-crossing the U.S. scouting out coffee shops and trekking through Europe…

And cats. (They now have 3 — Scooter, Sabrina and Lula. :-))

You know what else *really* stood out about this story?

Speaking of her divorce six years earlier, Kasey said, “I had totally embraced I was single and that I never needed a guy. Then I met Henry.”

Of course, that’s how Law of Attraction works. When you want something but don’t need it, that’s when your attraction signal is strongest.

And it brings you exactly the right person. Even if your guy won’t be 31 years younger. 😉

How do I usually help woman get the Law of Attraction to finally work for them?

A key way is showing them how to read men’s signals.

That clarity dissolves fear with men… which lets you start feeling the feelings of having Mr. Right without fear to energetically push him away.

Of course, clarifying what you want also helps big time.

If you want step-by-step help with this stuff, so you can attract Mr. Right from the inside out (instead of brute-force dating), get this now.

To sharing your life with The One,