Outrageous authenticity

Are you worried about scaring men off by being yourself?

I mean, totally authentically YOU.

What if a man left because you’re more fully expressed?

How could he possibly be Mr. Right if he doesn’t like the REAL you?

Of course, you can’t just parade your whole life in front of him upfront. That won’t work.

Pacing your sharing is still important to avoid overwhelm.

But that’s like any conversation. You don’t bring a thousand pages of information to share in a conversation.

Unless you’re a lawyer. And that’s for work, not play. 🙂

So the real question is, what’s a small part of yourself you can share that you normally don’t?

To sharing your life with The One,


A 5-star man meal at McDonald’s?

One of women’s biggest complaints is that they can’t find “good men.”

“Quality men” is another common phrase for that.

Either way, it basically boils down to men who are authentic, honest and relationship-minded.


So then I ask these women where they’re meeting men.

And I hear answers like “bars,” “Tinder” and other free dating sites.

I’m not knocking any of those places. Because people have found love and happy marriages from every one of them.

But what you *usually* get is lots of time-wasting guys who play games and want hookups more than getting hitched.

If you go looking for a 5-star meal at McDonald’s, don’t be disappointed if you don’t find it.

So, if you don’t want to burn out on attracting the right man, put yourself in places where they’re likely to be…

With married friends who can introduce you to their single friends.

In yoga studios, where the men are more centered and seeking spiritual union. (If they’re serious about spiritual union, they’re likely more serious about relationship union, though not always.)

On marriage-minded sites like Eharmony, JDate or various others.

I know, I know… you don’t want to chase. I get it.

This is about inspired action (a key part of the Law of Attraction), not blind chasing.

If you’re inspired to be with a marriage-minded man, let that inspiration take you to where they are.

Your V.I.B.E. attracts in your tribe (likeminded people):

V = Values
I = Identities
B = Beliefs
E = Expectations

Module 2 of my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course is all about this. It’s called…drumroll please…Dialing Up Your V.I.B.E.!

Go here to grab the whole course now.

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They got married from a wrong-number text


Kasey Bergh was on a business trip in Denver in 2012 when someone she was supposed to meet didn’t show up.

So she texted a co-worker she knew locally.

Except they hadn’t talked in awhile, and the co-worker had a new number.

A guy named Henry Glendening now had the old number.

Yet, even after she realized her mistake, Kasey’s intuition told her to keep texting with Henry.

She just felt a connection. (In text, at least.)

At first, Henry was heading to work but said he’d be “down to hang” otherwise. Their first coffee date wasn’t far off.

Which is where things *really* got interesting…

Turns out Kasey was 53 years old, while Henry was only 23.

Yet the more Kasey and Henry got to know each other, the more they found they had in common…

They both loved the same music, like Death Cab for Cutie and The Flaming Lips…

And the same books, like Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention…

And adventure, like cris-crossing the U.S. scouting out coffee shops and trekking through Europe…

And cats. (They now have 3 — Scooter, Sabrina and Lula. :-))

You know what else *really* stood out about this story?

Speaking of her divorce six years earlier, Kasey said, “I had totally embraced I was single and that I never needed a guy. Then I met Henry.”

Of course, that’s how Law of Attraction works. When you want something but don’t need it, that’s when your attraction signal is strongest.

And it brings you exactly the right person. Even if your guy won’t be 31 years younger. 😉

How do I usually help woman get the Law of Attraction to finally work for them?

A key way is showing them how to read men’s signals.

That clarity dissolves fear with men… which lets you start feeling the feelings of having Mr. Right without fear to energetically push him away.

Of course, clarifying what you want also helps big time.

If you want step-by-step help with this stuff, so you can attract Mr. Right from the inside out (instead of brute-force dating), get this now.

To sharing your life with The One,


Saudi woman offers 5 million for a hubby

That’s 5 million Riyal, which is about $1.3 million (U.S. Dollars).

More than a million bucks for a man who fits her requirements.

As she put it:

”It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties…

“I am even ready to accept a Misyar marriage and pay him SRfive million at once.”

(A Misyar marriage lets couples have sex in a way permissible with their religions. Misyar brides don’t have all the rights normal ones do.)

She also said she wouldn’t reveal all her husband’s duties until later lol.

Considering that I consider Communication as the supreme glue to bond relationships, this sounds like a sure setup for marital misery.

Of course, I don’t know *exactly* what she’s looking for. She seems content with more of a transactional relationship.

But even transactions require clear agreements, right?

Imagine the cuddling or the dinners or the anniversaries with a man you paid to marry you — who doesn’t even know your expectations upfront.


Feel me?

You don’t want to pay a million bucks for a guy or wait to reveal a list of “duties” to a man.

You want him to treat you like a million bucks (or more) for free.

As Robin Williams once said:

“I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. … The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.”.

That’s exactly what happens when you’re not with right guy.

So how to attract the Mr. Right who’ll appreciate the rare gem that is you?

That’s the magic I help you conjure in my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course.

Get it here to avoid that Saudi woman’s sad love fate.

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“This is taking too long!”

Mr. Right attraction can be like meditation.

You know, Sunni, sheer frustration.

When it’s “supposed to be” enjoyable, like the gurus tell us.

How exactly??

Aye, there’s the irony.

Because if you focus on the frustration, the noise in your head, or the chaos life starts feeling like…

You just get more.

Yes, it’s that pesky Law of Attraction again. But we still embrace it, right?

Because it brings you everything you want when you focus yourself into flow.

So why hasn’t Mr. Right come yet? I’ve seen a pattern in women…

They miss or misread men’s signals (normal male behavior, body language, language patterns, etc.)

Which causes confusion.

Which causes loss of trust.

Which causes fear.

Which repels Mr. Right. That’s how Law of Attraction works.

Want to end that struggle cycle?

Pick up my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course, and let’s get you there together.

To sharing your life with The One,


NEW live training: How to know when to trust men

[In response to many women asking, I’m doing a live training this Saturday called How to Know When to Trust Men So You Don’t Waste Any More Time or Get Hurt Again.

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Hi Sunni,

You finally find a nice guy…

And he asks you out!

So then you go out. Which goes great for you.

You’re looking forward to the next time.

Even though you didn’t pre-agree on when to have a next date…

You don’t even question there *will* be a next date.

Until he doesn’t call for three days…

Then it’s four.

Soon it’s a week, and you wonder:

“Why did he disappear, just like so many others?”

“Did he find someone he likes better?”

“Should I text him?”

Your mind spins. Your heart aches. Your stomach is in knots.

For so many women, this recurring nightmare haunts them because they don’t understand men’s signals.

They also don’t understand the signals they’re putting out.

If you’re ready to tune in to The One, you have to tune into these signals.

That’s why I’m doing a LIVE online training this Saturday @ 1PM Pacific all about when to trust men, so you don’t waste any more time on the wrong men and don’t get hurt again. Sign up here:

NEW live training: How to know when to trust men

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