“This is taking too long!”

Mr. Right attraction can be like meditation.

You know, Sunni, sheer frustration.

When it’s “supposed to be” enjoyable, like the gurus tell us.

How exactly??

Aye, there’s the irony.

Because if you focus on the frustration, the noise in your head, or the chaos life starts feeling like…

You just get more.

Yes, it’s that pesky Law of Attraction again. But we still embrace it, right?

Because it brings you everything you want when you focus yourself into flow.

So why hasn’t Mr. Right come yet? I’ve seen a pattern in women…

They miss or misread men’s signals (normal male behavior, body language, language patterns, etc.)

Which causes confusion.

Which causes loss of trust.

Which causes fear.

Which repels Mr. Right. That’s how Law of Attraction works.

Want to end that struggle cycle?

Pick up my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course, and let’s get you there together.

To sharing your life with The One,