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Dear Friend,

If you’re a busy and spiritually-minded single woman who’s ready to attract Mr. Right, here’s a quick story of a woman I helped attract Mr. Right in 4 months, and how you can get FREE support in an online group I just started…

Brittany’s Story

When Brittany (not her real name) came to me, she was desperate. In her early 30’s, she’d only been on a handful of dates in her life and had two fleeting relationships. Nothing even close to “forever”-type soulmate connection or “the spark” reigniting in her heart when she awoke every morning.

As she strained through sharing her history with men, one fact stuck out like a blizzard in Los Angeles: She’d either misread or entirely missed most of men’s signals! The tell-tale result? A heart bleeding from the daggers of grief, regret and resentment cutting into her with every recalled memory.

Fast forward four months. She went out to eat and there was her Mr. Right! A few months later, they tied the knot and she beamed about her bun in the oven.

How did Brittany attract Mr. Right so fast? We pinpointed exactly what she was looking for, and I gave her the questions to ask on a first date (or even before) to know what a man is thinking. These questions unlock the secrets of a man’s mind like a locksmith with a master key.

If you want a copy of that key, to let you lock out Mr. Wrongs and open the door to your own Mr. Right, grab your FREE copy of my Male Mind Master Key report as your welcome gift when you join my new (and also free) group…

What You Get in The FREE Group

The group is on Facebook and is called “Spiritual Women Seeking Mr. Right.” Let me give you 3 quick reasons why you may consider joining:

  1. Because of my mission to help 1 million women demystify men by January 21, 2021, you’ll get special reports, action step lists, webinars and more from me to help you attract Mr. Right ASAP …all for free
  2. You’ll having loving support from a group of women (and me :-), to ask for help when you’re weak and share your wins when you’re strong, for as long as you want it …all for free
  3. You can get access to special bonuses (yes, including coaching) reserved only for group members …all for free

In a nutshell, this group is to help women like you attract Mr. Right faster + more enjoyably than you likely could purely on your own. That’s why I’m so passionate about this group, which you can request access to right here if you’re interested.

Of course, if you don’t feel the group is right for you, all good. No offense taken. Thank you for your time and have an amazing day.



P.S. Have any questions about me or the group? You’re welcome to ask. You can also check out my testimonials and the blog.

P.P.S. Best to join now while the group is small. You’ll get even more support.