Want a strong man?

One who can take charge of situations?

And fix them like a knight in shining armor?

Yet maybe you’ve attracted more than one guy who didn’t step up… depended on you… or just seemed too passive.

Well, there’s a reason for that. And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

While this might sound hard to believe… It’s rarely the man’s fault either.

The whole situation is usually just a sad misunderstanding. It’s really like a dance…

One person leads and the other follows for each song. Then you can swap roles for the next song, if you want to.

But both partners trying to lead at the same time… PLUNK. Flat on the floor from tripping on each other’s feet.

Both partners waiting to follow… You’ll both be standing where you started. (Which might work for a “slow dance” but nowhere else.)

So watch today’s video to find out how to dance the Dance of Romance gracefully — while having fun.

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To lasting love,