What do you do on the first 5 dates?

And what 5 questions are critical to ask if you do make it to date #5?

Find out in today’s video.

The basic progression is from exploring Connection to Compatibility… which leads to much juicier things.

But ONLY if he’s got the right stuff.

Don’t let your mind go wandering on me here. 😉

You know what I’m really talking about:


Which includes what your mind was probably wandering to.

But, if you’re looking for Mr. Right, don’t go skipping too far ahead. There’s not-so-cuddly bears in them thar dark forest.

So stick with me. I have your back.

That’s why I’m giving you the 5 questions you need to ask if he’s still in the running for Mr. Right by date #5.

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To lasting love,