A funny thing often happens when I ask women to describe their dream wedding…

Their eyebrows shoot skyward into their hairlines.

Their eyes light up.

Their hands flair outward to start describing their ornately elegant dress, as if they were wearing it.

Then, they flow into describing where the wedding would be, how the whole place would be decorated and who’d be there.

Women are incredible with detail, especially when there’s so much emotion underneath.

Yet there’s something curious missing from the dream invisibly playing out.

Can you guess what it is?

Hint: It happens to be the reason you’re having the wedding in the first place.

Well, not “it.”

More like “he.” I’m talking about the dream guy you’re marrying!

No, I’m not saying you can see his face clearly and you’ll meet a guy who looks exactly like that. We both know real life rarely works that way.

Yet how much have you clarified what’s most important about your Mr. Right?… Your must-haves and deal-breakers.

Yes, daydreaming about the stationary for your wedding invitations may seem like more fun at first.

But why?

Usually because there’s a LOT more fear about spec’ing out Mr. Right and being disappointed. You won’t have that fear about stationary.

After all, what happened in previous relationships when you weren’t clear about what you required?


That’s why I’m gifting you today with the whole first module from an upcoming paid product, walking you through what you need to know about your Mr. Right and how to clarify it.

This is exactly the process I took myself to meet my beautiful sweet wife, Nesit. After two failed marriages, I was determined to create and follow a simple (and yes, even fun) process that just plain worked.

Of course, it’s also the process my clients all go through — one of whom met her match in only four months after struggling to even find dates.

So, if you’re serious about living in lasting love, go take advantage here.

To sharing your life with The One,