Sweaty palms. Shallow breaths. Acid churning in your stomach.

If you’ve been on an interview for a job you *really* wanted before, you know what I’m talking about.

Been there myself.

You’re imagining how landing this job will change your life — the new apartment you can upgrade to, the vacation you can finally go on…

And how you’ll be right back to where you are AGAIN if it doesn’t work out.

Same with dating.

Women often tell me they feel huge pressure on dates. To look a certain way, to not sound needy so the guy gets scared off, etc.

But men feel the pressure, too.

We don’t want to look too needy, not “alpha” enough to stand out from the pack (we assume women can get all the dates they want), etc.


The pressure drives some women to drill the already-nervous guy sitting across the table with interview questions, to see if he’s got the right stuff. (After all, you’ve wasted time on enough men already, right?)

Nothing wrong in asking questions.

You’ve just got to do it in a conversational enough way.

You’ve also got to ask questions that really matter.

Which requires clearly knowing your wants, don’t-wants, must-haves and deal-breakers. (Hint: Many women — and men — think they do but don’t really. That’s come up with countless women in coaching sessions.)

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To sharing your life with The One,