Quick story from Finland…

The Finns are known for hardly talking to each other.

With frigid weather and only 17 Finns per square kilometer, they evolved to be rather skittish face to face.

Small wonder that Matti Makkonen, the “father of SMS (texting),” was a Finn.

The Finns embraced texting because of the comfort zone it gave them to chat.

Texting really exploded when Nokia (a Finnish company!) made texting easy on its phones.

So then you had Finns texting like crazy on Finnish phones.

Does this remind you at all of what dating sites and apps do for us today?

Striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know can feel awkward in person.

It can be a little awkward online too, but at least you have the physical separation. And time separation, since you don’t have to reply back immediately.

So talk to men in a way that’s comfortable enough for you.

As you relax into the process, maybe you’ll also start chatting up men in person.

Once you’re talking to a guy, whether online or live in the flesh, that’s when you get to see if he’s really what you’re after.

Of course, that means you have to be clear about what you want and what you don’t want first.

Want me to guide you step by step to that clarity with videos and worksheets? Go here.

To sharing your life with The One,