No luck with online dating?

I love a good story of women finding Mr. Right — especially with online dating, which many of us are so skeptical of.

One gal, Amy, found her hubby through a dating app. Her story sounds semi-normal at first glance, yet she got a CRUCIAL part right many women don’t…

Amy dated for years. That part is easy to relate to. She was depressed to come up empty after so long, with countless friends reminding along the way how there “still plenty of fish in the sea.”

Yeah… right. She just wanted one (THE One), yet he didn’t seem to exist.

So she did something many women aren’t willing to consciously do… She gave up.

She went to work every day, came home and cooked for herself. Sometimes she went out with friends to laugh and talk for a change.

Months went by. She got antsy. The mental portrait of husband and kids tugged at her night and day.

Amy installed some dating apps on her phone to explore. Not a big deal to swipe on some profiles in the evenings before bed, right?

Swiping eventually led to a few text chats, but with most conversations going nowhere.

Then she finally went on some dates, with almost all prospects wilting like fresh roses in the summer sun on the first date. She only went out with a few guys more than once.

Yet one of them turned out to be her Mr. Right. How great is that?

Persistence was key. No doubt. Yet so was having a dating profile that enticed men enough to click and engage with her.

What’s the #1 part of your profile any man will look at first and linger on?

You guessed it… Your photo.

Find out the best way to pick a great dating profile photo in this (it’s not what you think) in this new blog post. (Written by my partner / Resident Tech Geek, Sunni.)

Articles offering photo tips are useful, but none of them help you know what men actually think of YOUR photos. That’s why I’m sharing about a new service that gets you FREE, anonymous instant impressions on your dating profile photo(s) from plenty of real men in your target age range.

No, it’s NOT another ‘Hot or Not.’ Nothing like it. And it’s way better than asking your guy friends for feedback.

Come see why this free service is worth your time and how to use it today in our new blog post.

[Video] How to choose a dating coach

Have you ever considered hiring a dating coach?

Here’s how to pick the right one for you…

(Watch the video above!)

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. Have a question about this video or any other question? Then come ask in our Facebook group. I’m in there daily and look forward to meeting you.

Video Transcript

Hi and welcome, this is Milan with Tuning Into the One. Welcome and welcome back. Today, what women should look for in a dating coach. Dating, relationships and mating, partnership, marriage, that’s right. So when you’re looking for a dating coach and specifically if you’re in California as I am in the Los Angles, the greater southern California area, sometimes you feel like the dating game can be very specific to your locality and there are a lot of specificities that are unique to your particular area or region, wherever you happen to be. In California as well as specifically to the southern California marketplace, you’re dealing with nuances, where people live, access to a local geography, whatever that may be. What women should look for in a dating coach specific to their area like in California or in southern California is going to translate to other areas. So maybe you’re in LA. I know some people personally who are actually looking from California, from the Los Angeles area, from SoCal to date people internationally and that’s great but whatever the criteria here is you’re looking for three things and they all start with E. So there’s three Es. Experience, expertise and excellence. Again, that’s experience, expertise and excellence. When it comes down to experience, you want somebody who’s been in the dating pool or knows how to go after it, someone who’s been in relationships or knows how to help you find, attract and live in true lasting love with your soulmate, your dream partner. At Tuning Into the One, that’s where we focus. Find, attract and live in true lasting love. So when it comes down to experience, I’ve helped over 250 private VIP clients and I’ve helped women from all around the world to be able to work on their existing relationships and for those women that were dating zeroes or having zero dates or just weren’t in the game and wanted to get back in or they’re just going through a tough time, they’ve just ended a bad marriage or they ended a good marriage and it just didn’t finish the way they thought it would or their person who they thought was their shining knight in armor all of a sudden decided they wanted out. All of those situations have one thing in common. When you’re looking for a dating coach who can help you with the relationships and build back up to finding, attracting and living in true lasting love with your ideal dream partner, your soulmate, you want to make sure they have the experience in terms of clientele to be able to help you then you wanna make sure they also have the expertise. What are their processes, what are their techniques? Where have they honed their craft and are they using their full potential, not just certain visual techniques, not just certain processes but all of it? We’re holistic people. When it comes down to expertise for me in particular and my clientele, I am a master at understanding the male mind and how to help women read men’s signals better, read men’s signals accurately and be able to send the right response signals and messages back. In order to do that, you have to be able to master four core sacred soulmate signal processes. Number one is connection. Connection is your gateway to everything especially effective communication and connection with effective communication will help you explore compatibility and then saving, exploding that chemistry. But in order to be able to explore the compatibility and find out just how strong and powerful that chemistry is, connection and effective communication are essential and those are the four building blocks. So look for excellence, expertise and most of all, experience. So start with experience then look for expertise and then the excellence is in the process. For me, I’ve lived this struggle. Four weddings, three wives, two divorces, one amazing son. It took me a while, three decades. It doesn’t have to take most people that long. There’s an amazing way that you can build a soulmate or a relationship blueprint. So the two criteria for me as far as excellence goes is build a soulmate blueprint and then accelerate your attraction. Magnetize yourself. Once you have that blueprint and you know who you want, you know what they look like, you know their characteristics, their traits, their likes, their dislikes, wants, don’t wants, must haves, deal breakers then you can get into accelerating that attraction making sure that you attract the right kind of candidates and start dating and relating with the right soulmate potential person and persons. So when it comes down to the level of excellence, having someone who’s lived that struggle and who’s been through it creates a level of empathy that can get deeper in touch with where you’re at and what’s going on and of course, living that dream with my sweetness, my amazing soulmate now for eight years, I have a lot of background both in failure on a personal level and success on a coaching level. So when it comes down to the experience, make sure it’s there. When it comes down to the expertise, make sure that the mastery level of what you’re looking for and what that coach is bringing to the equation are also a good match because you wanna also connect with the coach, make sure you’re building effective communication so that you can explore the compatibility and the chemistry with your ideal dream partner candidates. Your soulmate is out there waiting for you. It’s time and if the time is now for you then great. Use this video. Experience, expertise and excellence. Go out there and get a coach. When you do look at the coach beyond those three Es, you’re looking for three Gs. Someone who will be a guide. Do you blend well with that coach? Can they guide you? Do they have their own practice that they’re using like a spiritual practice? For me, my spiritual practice and my alignment with my intuition is essential to be able to apply all the techniques and the tools and take that experience and be able to help individual clients to move to get growth using the four Cs. So guidance, growth. Using the four core sacred soulmate signals of connection, communication, compatibility and chemistry and finally, someone who can make sure you are reaching and achieving your goals and keeping you accountable. My very first client that I had was able to find her soulmate in less than four months. I love to deliver more than I promise to clients so that we can really explode their expectations and make their goals happen. We start with little baby steps and we move on from there. So when you’re looking for a coach, what should you look for in a coach? Expertise, experience, excellence. First, experience then expertise and then look for the excellence. If they check mark on the experience, go to the expertise, check that out and then look for excellence in the way that you interact with them and what they bring to the table for you so they can be your guide, help you grow and help you reach your goals. So remember, subscribe to this channel if you like what you’re hearing and like this video and of course, as always, join us in our private group. The link is on this screen or below this video. So until the next time, this is Milan wishing you amazing dating success and relationship mastery. Bye for now.

How to Anonymously Get Dozens of Real Men’s Instant Impressions of Your Dating Profile Photos for FREE

Sample Dating Profile Photo

  • Do you tend to attract time-wasting Mr. Wrongs on dating sites and dating apps?
  • Do you wonder what men secretly think of your dating profile photos?
  • Do you want to know a FREE, anonymous, automated way to get instant impressions from dozens of real men in your target age range?

Then, read on, because that’s exactly what you’ll know how to do in the next few minutes…

Before we dive in though, let me address a big potential objection:

“Ugh, this sounds like another ‘Hot or Not’.”

It’s NOT.

While you do get percentage-based rankings in three categories, the percentages are percentiles of how your photo was rated in those categories versus all the others. That relative ranking offers perspective on men’s perceptions in general vs. just how men rate your photo on a 1-10 scale or similar.

What The World’s Biggest Psychology Experiments Revealed About How Men Truly See Women

Two neuroscientists, Ogi Oggas and Sai Gaddan used the Internet to study what half a billion men and women did in private.

They then used that research to distill down the hardwired sexual cues men and women have. Some of their findings were expected and some weren’t.

One of their unexpected findings was “When it comes to sexual arousal, men prefer overweight women to underweight women.” So much for the classic “I don’t look like the women on the magazines” self-put-down. You can find their full research and findings in their bestselling book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts.

That said, their extensive research still reaffirmed what street-smart women have known for ages:

Men’s brains respond to visual stimuli, especially in mating, much more than women’s brains do.

So, even when you’re looking for The One (our specialty here), your dating profile photos are making a crucial first impression.

How then can you know what first impression is?

A New Free Service Gets You Fast Feedback from Real Men

As I teased about in the intro, this relatively new service has plenty going for it to make it a no-brainer (little neuroscience joke there) for your dating profiles:

  • You stay 100% anonymous. You never disclose your name or other identifying details, and search engines don’t index your photos.
  • You’re always in control. Stop gathering feedback whenever you want. You control how many men you collect thoughts from.
  • You get dating-specific feedback. You can also choose business or non-romantic social contexts, which have totally different questions for men to answer (as they should).
  • You choose the age range of men you’re targeting for dating. Only men in that age range will see your photos.
  • You can test UNLIMITED photos. Want to see if another photo gets better feedback? Test as many as you want.
  • More objective than your guy friends. Most friends won’t want to hurt your feelings, and they won’t see you the same way as someone seeing your dating profile for the first time anyway.

Not bad, huh?

I’ve used it and found it pretty insightful. You might be surprised how other people see you compared to how you see yourself. (You’ll be okay. It’s normal to be a little scared. I bet you’ll be hooked once you give it a go.)

So What Exactly Is This New Service and How Do You Get Started?


Bit of a creepy name, but it’s really pretty cool if you can get past the name.

There’s not a whole lot to it. Head over to the site to sign up for a free account.

Once you’re signed up and logged in, you’ll see this screen:

PhotoFeeler Test Setup Screen 1

Either upload a photo or import one from one of your social profiles.

Then, choose “Dating” for the test category:

PhotoFeeler Test Setup - Screen 2

Also test out the Business and Social categories or those contexts (with different photos) when you get a chance.

Now, select your gender and age. Then select that you want men in your target age range to give you feedback.

PhotoFeeler Test Setup - Screen 3

Finally, select how statistically precise you want it to be and how you want to pay for the test.


“I thought you said it’s free!”

Yep, I say that because the first option (rating other people’s photos) is free. Or you can just buy a bunch of credits (it’s pretty affordable).

PhotoFeeler Test Setup - Screen 4

Once your test is running, PhotoFeeler will email you when your results are in.

That’s it!

PhotoFeeler Isn’t Perfect

When you get the results for any photo test, you’ll see scores in three categories and also some text feedback.

While all useful, you often won’t know exactly why men scored your photo as they did. The text feedback can help there, but I’ve found most people choose from PhotoFeeler’s list of generic text blurbs instead of taking the time to detail their thoughts.

So be it. As long as you get enough men in your target age range looking at your photo, the results are usually still pretty insightful — especially once you test a second photo. The side-by-side results comparison can be downright enlightening.

Want to Know What Men Think About MUCH More Than Your Photos?

PhotoFeeler is fantastic for getting men’s thoughts about your dating profile photos.

But how do you find out what else men are thinking — about their careers, when they’ll be really ready for marriage and kids, and how they see the world at large?

If you want to turbo-sift out time-wasting Mr. Wrongs so you can invest your energy with potential Mr. Rights, then you need to know how to ask men the right questions in the right way at the right time. You know, so you don’t scare them off by sounding like an FBI investigator from the start.

That’s exactly why my partner, master coach Milan Botica, decided to share his step-by-step process in our Male Mind Master Key report.

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll know how to keep your conversations with men lighthearted and flowing while getting the essential info you want.

The report is FREE, so grab it here now:

The Male Mind Master Key

This info helped Milan’s very first client to attract her Mr. Right in only four months. No guarantees on you replicating that result, BUT we’re confident you can at least stop wasting time on Mr. Wrongs and more time with potential Mr. Rights.

To sharing your life with The One,

Resident Tech Geek

He fell in love with a silicone doll

Let’s be clear:

“He” is not me.

My sweet wife, Nesit, is scrumptiously real!

But a Japanese guy (pics at the end) went for a silicone doll after an unsatisfying marriage.

You might guess how the “relationship” started. The 3-letter word starts with “S”… and ends with “X.”

Who says there aren’t any quality men left? lol

Joking aside, let’s look at this in a heart-centered human way.

Like most of us, he just wanted to feel love and companionship. And this was the way that worked for him.

He could’ve probably found that with a real woman if he worked with a coach like me, but so be it.

The same could be said of most women…

They’re filling “the void” with other ways to feel love and companionship.

Not usually silicone dolls (no judgment here), yet if what they’re doing works, great.

How about you? You wouldn’t be on this list if you found a satisfying alternative to being with The One, would you?

Getting clear on exactly what you want in him and with him is the tricky part.

That’s where Module 1 of my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course comes in mighty handy. I guide you to clarity step by step with videos and worksheets.

This is the same process that got my first client her Mr. Right in only 4 months.

Best yet, you can get it free here for now.

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. Here’s the article with pics about the Japanese guy and his silicone girlfriend.


That’s what some women call the popular dating site, OkCupid lol.

Lots of questionable men on there, apparently.

Okay… Weirdos. Pervs. Jerks. The whole moldy trail mix.

Hence the “OkStupid.”

But it’s not just that site.

Or even dating sites in general.

That’s the WORLD.

The same world of ~7 billion people also has countless great guys in it.

And at least one of them is “The One” for you. You believe that, don’t you?

So focus on that. You know from the Law of Attraction that you get what you focus on and feel intensely. You get what you filter for.

Of course, the challenge is cleaning up your vibration from all the hurts still active because you’re scared they’ll happen again.

Totally understandable. You’re scared like anybody would be when they don’t understand certain fundamentals.

That’s what I’m here to give you about men, so you can finally have Mr. Right. So if you’re ready to stop settling for being alone or the weirdos and jerks out there, then do yourself a favor…

Go here now to apply for a no-cost Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session with me.

One client, Laura, went from saying “I feel broken” in our first session to being with “a fabulous relationship” (her words) within a few months. I want that for you, too.

Don’t you?

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. If you apply by TOMORROW (Friday) night, December 16 and are accepted, you’ll also get a Dynamic Date Planner Session with me.

That’s where we put our minds together to plan any date in advance, to filter our Mr. Wrongs fast and know if you’re spending your time with a potential Mr. Right.

Go on. Apply now.

Popular tv couple splitting up :-(

Sad news for a popular real estate reality show couple here in Southern California.

They’re Splitsville, or at least announced plans to be.

Yes, Christina and Tarek of the popular Flip or Flop tv show on HGTV made waves with that news yesterday.

Some weren’t surprised, considering police were called to their house back on May 23 for “a possibly suicidal man with a gun.”

Maybe you’re thinking I’m going to say, “See, this is what can happen from working together all day every day,” as I talked about before. (I had an import-export business in a previous marriage, so I know!)

But nope.

This email is actually about that assumption.

Assumptions are so dangerous. As the ever-cheeky Mark Twain put it:

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

In other words, assumptions.

Assumptions about men can keep you lonely and frustrated for a long time, maybe even a lifetime.

Just like the wonderful gal well into her 30’s who struggled with men her whole life until she came to me. And she met her Mr. Right 4 months later!

I can’t guarantee results like hers because everyone is different, but if you want my no-cost help to DRASTICALLY accelerate your time to attract Mr. Right, go here to apply.

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. If you apply by Friday night, December 16 and are accepted, you’ll also get a Dynamic Date Planner Session with me.

That’s where we put our minds together to plan any date in advance, to filter our Mr. Wrongs fast and know if you’re spending your time with a potential Mr. Right.

Go on. Apply now.

[Video] How to recognize your soulmate

Wondering how to recognize your soulmate?

You may not know him when you see him. But you will know him by how you feel with him.

Here are important subtleties to feel for, plus my personal story of how I met and married my dream soulmate wife…

(Watch the video above!)

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. Have a question about this video or any other question? Then come ask in our Facebook group. I’m in there daily and look forward to meeting you.

Video Transcript

Today, how to recognize your soulmate. Hi, welcome, it’s me Milan with Tuning in to the One, the place where you can find, attract, and build and grow true lasting love, finding your ideal dream soulmate, someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. Invest, explore, have amazing experiences. So welcome and welcome back. If you like our series on about love, about soulmates, about the ability to not only find, attract, and then build and grow true lasting love, then please like us and subscribe to our channel. And as always, if you’d like to join us in our private group, click on the link on this video or right below this video and join us. Private questions, private space and place that’s safe, where you can get all of your questions answered and make sure that any burning issues that come up or any situations can get handled. Join us, it’s a wonderful community, we’d love to have you. Today, how do you recognize your soulmate or a soulmate? Is there such a thing as only one soulmate? Or do we have different kinds of soulmates? Well, obviously, there are really special relationships that touch us deeply and that seem to have a little bit of something special going on. I know for me when I met my sweet Nesit, we met at a workshop in a seminar on neurolinguistics. The first time I shook her hand when we were saying hello, she later told me electricity shot through her entire body. Now, I dunno about you but my experience is that doesn’t happen every time I meet someone. Then we had a conversation and decided we were gonna meet for coffee and it was just gonna be for a couple of questions that she had about some topics that I was helping to facilitate and teach and she wanted some answers and I said, hey, why don’t we meet for coffee and let’s talk? So we met for coffee, turned out to be our first date. Something that would’ve normally been a half an hour or hour lasted all day. I found myself driving home going like, wow, I think I might’ve just met the one. And there’s something special about those relationships, so how do you recognize your soulmate? Well, one of the characteristics and traits that are often times found is that you are able to find that connection and that communication and it’s not verbal, it’s without speaking. There’s something special going on, there’s something in your gut that tells you, you found the one. I mean, the exact words in my self-talk driving home were, I think I just met the one. There’s a palpable chemistry, it’s physical, it’s visual, it’s smell, old-factory oriented, something about it just says, wow, ding, boing, bong, and you’re just like something unusual is happening to me. You have a sense of comfort and a knowing there’s a mediate rapport between you two that’s unexplainable in terms of rational, normal, meeting every day people. And, if you look at a course in miracles, there’s a entire section that’s dedicated to special relationships. Recognizing your soulmate is recognizing that there is a special experience, relationship, moment, situation, intersection of two beings happening. The relationship doesn’t always necessarily turn out to be rainbows and beautiful things, because the other thing that happens when we meet that special someone, that ideal dream partner, is there’s a lot of things going on, we might have a lot of stuff that we’re bringing with us and they might have a lot of their own stuff and it could all get triggered. So recognize that it’s not always just rainbows, that there will be moments, opportunities, exchanges, experiences, that’ll have you going like, wow, it’ll be like a roller coaster ride, because there are things going on, layers are being peeled back, the real you underneath all that stuff, all that baggage, all those things that might’ve happened is getting pulled back to the light and it’s looking to find its disillusion and disappearance from your life. So recognize that there’ll be that kind of inexplicable, non-verbal communication that has you going like, wow. There’ll be those moments that are just incredible, that will just be unpalpably different. The chemistry, the electricity, the smells, the situations, you just mind be dumbfounded, or you might just be amazingly aware that even in the little things, there just seems to be amazing moments. I remember the first time that we physically touched, I felt like there was some unusual energy going through my body and it wasn’t just kind of like the strictly physical stuff, it was like something deep and profound is happening to me. So other things that’ll happen is that you all of a sudden find yourself not only feeling very comfortable with the person, but there’ll be this deep sense of either oh my god, oh my god, I’m either gonna run towards this or I gotta turn around and run away. There’ll be that dramatic sense of awesomeness of awe that’ll have you going like, this, I’m not sure about this, this is kinda like short circuiting my normal process, something deeper’s going on. You’re gonna have separate identities but recognizing your soulmate means recognizing your compliment mirror-person that’s there to help you and you to help them guide each other through this process of both being human and being a spiritual being and those two things just have amazing chemical, non-verbal, palpably awesome, in awe kind of things that are going on and you’ll be moved to have this kind of like I have to do something here, I find myself compelled, there’s a compulsion of meeting somebody, it’s amazing, it’s incredible, it’s awesome. Having been through four weddings, three wives, two divorces and have one amazing son, there is a amazing difference the first time I met my sweet Nesit, my soulmate, my true love, that is different from almost any other relationship. It’s very special, it’s very unique, and it had some amazingly unique properties in terms of how we met, what that felt like, how we proceeded, and all the stuff that went through until we have this inner peace and this amazing oneness, independent identities, separate people, just deep, deep, deep profound gratitude. Happy holidays, wishing you an amazing holiday season as we wind down 2016 and looking forward to absolutely an even more fantastic, incredible, full of love, joy, peace, amazing opportunities for just breathing in life for 2017. Until the next time, this is Milan saying bye for now.

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Nothing smells so sweet
Except for you!

See, I wrote you a poem.

Some women thinks that’s all awww-love-dovey romantic.

Other women thinks it’s lame. “Just another game to get in my pants!”

If you’ve got even a little of that last gal in you, please… for your sake… exorcise her.

It’s one thing to be discerning about a man’s intentions and how you like to be romanced.

It’s something else to be cynical.

Cynicism usually spews out of a deep, festering wound. Men hurt you in the past, so it’s only natural to be wounded. But it’s not natural to *stay* wounded.

To start healing, reflect on the good men in your life. The ones who greet you with a smile, keep their promises and help you feel better after being with them.

Even if you have no romantic interest in them whatsoever. They can still help you to heal, so you’re ready to step back into romance.

Or, if you want to heal FAR faster and attract Mr. Right as a natural result, maybe we should talk.

More specifically, apply for a free Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session to clarify your #1 block to attracting the right guy and an action plan to get him.

If you apply by Friday night, December 16 and are accepted, you’ll also get a Dynamic Date Planner Session with me.

That’s where we put our minds together to plan any date in advance, to filter our Mr. Wrongs fast and know if you’re spending your time with a potential Mr. Right.

Go on. Apply now.

To sharing your life with The One,


Fine, just give up and settle

That’s what the Japanese are doing. In droves.

Friends are getting married to friends over there because they’re struggling to find someone suitable.

Proof: A government survey found that 69% of Japanese men and 59% of Japanese women don’t have a romantic partner.

Maybe some good will come out of it.

At least the people are friends, and Japan is facing a massively shrinking population if more people don’t start having kids. (In the last 5 years, only ~8.4 kids were born from every 1,000 people!)

Japan’s suicide rate is also roughly 60% higher than the global average. They could use some companionship just to get through life.

Besides, the Japanese aren’t known for marrying for love anyway. A suitable partner is usually much more practical for them.

Of course, Western women usually feel better with companionship and marriage also serves their practical needs.

So why not just grab your best guy friend and marry him?

Well, you could.

But aren’t you here because you want your heart to flutter when you hug your Mr. Right?

Maybe the late comedian Robin Williams said it best:

“I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. … The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.”

When you’re looking to marry for love, being with anyone but The One can make you feel lonelier than ever.

Don’t let that happen to you.

Apply for no-cost personal help from yours truly to attract him in.

When you apply by next Friday (Dec 16) night and if you’re accepted, you’ll also get a free Dynamic Date Planner session with me.

That’s where we put our minds together to plan any date in advance, to filter our Mr. Wrongs fast and know if you’re spending your time with a potential Mr. Right.

Apply now.

To sharing your life with The One,


The Vegas fallacy

That’s what the National Marriage Project calls an ironic research finding about unhappiness in marriages.

They’re referring to Las Vegas’ unofficial motto:

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Catchy, but incredibly dumb.

Even if nobody else finds out what we do in Vegas, *we* still know, right?

The guilt, the shame, the hiding… it all hurts us later.

You can’t build a thick brick wall around your heart and have deep, intimate connection.

Anyway, the Vegas fallacy isn’t just about what we regret from the past…

The National Marriage Project’s research found that people with more previous relationship experience were — on average — unhappier in their marriages.

The causes? They weren’t quite so clear, but they guessed that having more previous partners led to more comparisons between then and now.

The people also had more experience ending relationships, so they might’ve been thinking about ending this relationship, too. Just the thought can make someone feel imprisoned.

So there’s another reason, based on research, why just dating lots of men won’t directly lead you to Mr. Right.

The self-reflection is the most important factor.

Take me, for example. I was married twice before meeting my beautiful sweet Nesit. (And she was, too!)

If we both didn’t do our inner work to heal our wounds and evolve as people, we may have never met.

I want you to meet your Mr. Right ASAP. So let me make the self-reflection part easy, by gifting you the whole first module of my How to Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course.

Go get it here.

To sharing your life with The One,