“Why didn’t he call??” Get the answer in today’s video.

I get this question so often it makes my head spin.

Women tell me “I seem to attract nobody but scammers and liars.”

And, in hot fumes of frustration and searing sadness, they ask “Where are the good men??”

You don’t have to suffer like this anymore — not when you know the 5 basic reasons why men don’t call, even when they say they’re going to.

Even better, I’m giving a rule today to decide when to cut your losses and move on.

So you don’t have to torment yourself for days or weeks over why he’s not calling.

You don’t have to get on the phone with your girlfriends to figure it out. (That’s a surefire way to fan the flames!)

You don’t have to assume that all men are jerks either, because you’ll have moved on to seeing men who *do* call.

All because you took a few minutes to watch today’s video. 🙂

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To lasting love,