Last day of the year. What are you thinking about?

It’s okay if you’re just lounging today.

Or lollygagging (love that word ;-)) through your work day.

Long weekend coming up, while the holiday season is winding down.

But when the ball drops tonight, think about who you want to celebrate with at midnight this time next year.

When the noisemakers are on full-scream… the confetti is blurring your view.. and the bubbly is fizzing in glasses tinking in toasts all around…

Who’s the special guy who will squeeze his palm into yours, pull you close, and merge into one with you with a special kiss you’ll remember forever?

That’s where your imagination comes in, which we talked about yesterday.

Today, let’s stoke the fire of your desire, plus infuse you with the empowerment to prime you for action.

You deserve Mr. Right. Let’s make 2016 your year with this next step.

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To lasting love,


P.S. Got a question about about attracting Mr. Right? Ask me!