Frustration creates friction.

It sure did for me in 1994 when my first marriage suddenly ended on my wife’s birthday.

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself…

At first, I was just in shock.

You know the numbness you feel when you can’t even process something… but you know it’s BIG?

Yeah, that’s how it felt. Scary.

So feeling devastated was PROGRESS. I was actually feeling something.

And then feeling angry was great progress from there, even though it was horrible to feel angry.

After while, I was just plain frustrated much of the time.

More progress.

Other times, I spiked my frustration with some anger and felt the toxic cocktail fermenting into sharp heartburn.

Two steps forward, one step back. Still progress.

All through my next marriage, I did a huge amount of personal growth work to feel happy again.

Yet, in 2004, almost exactly 10 years after wife #1 walked out, my second marriage was ending.

Even though I was so much better this time, and we parted ways pretty peacefully, the frustration and anger flared up again.

That’s when I surfaced some game-changing rules for transforming these rust-your-heart-from-the-inside-out emotions — and any other ones you don’t want.

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