Once upon a time, there was a woman named Marie who could over-the-moon happy.

Err, sometimes.

But rarely.

Most of the time, she was torn between how things were and how she wished for them to be.

She wished her linoleum-tiled living room floor could be all hickory hardwood.

When her stomach growled for dinner, she wished she could cook her favorite kind of Indian curry (cauliflower with coconut milk…mmm…) instead of nuking another cup o’ noodles.

And when the guy she was dating came over, she wished he’d wear buttoned-down dressy shirts with collars and bring her flowers.

Hey, to each her own.

Point is, Marie was miserable most of them — all because of how she chose to see things.

How much of Marie do you see in yourself?

If you even said “A little bit,” go watch today’s video. It’s for you.

Of course, you can certainly decide that some things are must-haves.

Then you can seek out a man who matches up.

No matter what though, no man will ever be 100% the way you want 100% of the time.

So please, if that’s what you’re longing for, give yourself the gift in today’s message.

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