This is easily one of the top questions I get.

My full answer is above.

As a starting point, it’s really important to start with a blank slate with each man.

Don’t be the gal who thinks “Most men can’t be trusted” because men will pick up on that energy and trust *you* less.

Which destroys the opportunity for connection.

And when there’s no connection, a woman with trust issues may see the man as “shut down” or “evasive.”

Which she then interprets as “…so he can’t be trusted.”

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Which just reinforces the tragic “Most men can’t be trusted” myth.

Around and around we go. It’s a deep-spiral into misery.

Instead, do what I share in today’s video.

That way, you can build a foundation of trust, on which you can build your dream relationship.

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