Have you been dating a guy who hasn’t asked you to be exclusive yet?

What if he never asks? (Hint: Guys are often happy to keep things as-is, as long as thinks you’re having a good time.)

So how do you introduce the conversation without scaring him away?

If you let your frustration well up and then erupt on him (like many women do), he can easily feel blindsided and bolt to his man cave to process what the heck just happened (as many men do!).

What’s worse, while he’s in there thinking things through, his man-logic may tell him that he probably can’t really make you happy, after all. And everything you’ve built goes “POOF!” into thin air.

Instead, watch today’s video to find out how to open the “Let’s be girlfriend-boyfriend” (or beyond) conversation in a way that he’ll easily engage with.

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