“Hurt people hurt people.”

Somebody once told me that and, after taking a few seconds to parse it, it made sense.

Hurt people usually hurt other people.

And themselves.

Think about it…

When you’re feeling joyous and loving, do you do hurt people? Or do you uplift them?

When my first wife walked out on me on her birthday years ago, I was devastated.

While things between us were rough for awhile, seeing it end like that seared my soul.

It felt like I’m guessing a Civil War amputation without anasthesia would feel. I could hardly take the pain.

I barely ate for weeks, wasting away 15 pounds from my frame in a horribly unhealthy way.

You can imagine the pain I also caused others during that time.

Yet I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t consciously chosen a healing path. Time alone can’t heal all wounds.

So the greatest service you can ever do for yourself and others is to consciously heal your deepest hurts.

That’s why, as we wind down 2015, I’m giving you a simple process from an ancient Hawaiian tradition to begin your healing.

Please give yourself this healing gift. It only takes a few minutes.

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To lasting love,