I bet you’ve dated Peter Pan.

Find out why in today’s video.

Okay, if you insist on being teased more…

The guy who’s a full-grown man who still acts like a kid.

Maybe he sounds like the whole world is a locker room where he can talk his smack.

Or maybe he seems nice yet changes the subject when you ask him about his goals and ambitions. He’s still in ‘play’ mode most of the time.

There are all kinds of versions of Peter Pan out there.

Some are just more blatant than others.

Either way, many Peter Pans can be alluring at first.


Because they still have that childlike quality that many adults are hungry to have a little more of.

Note that I said a *little* more of.

When you pair up with Peter Pan, it’s like drinking down a whole bottle of cough syrup when when you just needed a teaspoon to come back to balance.

You’ll get even sicker than you were. MUCH sicker.

What’s worse, Peter Pan is only one type of toxic man.

Watch today’s video for 4 more types of toxic men to watch out for.

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