The 3 ways are:
1. From the top down.
2. From the ground up.
3. From the inside out.

Get the full scoop in today’s video.

Or if you’d like to be teased some more…

I’ll tell you that the 3 ways aren’t separate. You’re not choosing an option from the list and then just going with it.

Instead, you’re going to start from the top down (#1).

You’ll use the clarity that comes from going top-down to go from the ground up (#2) on dates.

Then, when you start going from the inside out (#3), you won’t even have to date as much.

You’re probably skeptical, of course. Which is both fine and healthy.

For the moment, think of the 3 ways of calling in your dream man as like the legs on a stool. Cut off any one of them, and the stool will tip right over.

For the details, watch the video. 🙂

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