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Now onto Anita. As an ambitious professional woman, you can probably relate to her…

Anita just wanted to pay the bills at first. She had a passion for skin care, so she had the idea to mix up some of her own moisturizers, shampoos, lotions and potions.

(I’m a guy… I don’t know this stuff like you do, but that’s not the really juicy part… 🙂

Hardly having any money to get going, she went to a medical supply store and bought plastic urine-sample cups to package her homemade products.

Not exactly chic, but the plastic was refillable. Functional, frugal and genius for marketing, as it turned out later.

Still strapped for cash, she got about $6,400 from a friend in exchange for 50% ownership.

OUCH. Steep.

But she was able to open up her first shop in the summer of 1976, right in between two funeral parlors (rather controversial because her shop was so sensual).

It was a humble start. But people trickled in look and around. Some even bought.

Anita offered discounted product refills in the cups if people brought them back, which customers loved.

The Body Shop was born and multiplied over the years into a global empire.

No, it wasn’t a straight line up to success. The business struggled through nearly all the growing pains any business does.

For example, Anita went from scarcely having structure to attending meetings about almost every detail. She once said, “We can’t fart without calling a meeting.”

And when the company launched in the U.S. (Anita started it in the U.K., where she lived), it struggled even after investing hugely in the launch. Well-trenched companies like Bath & Body Works made life hard.

Yet Anita Roddick not only became a billionaire, she also became a flagbearer for corporate social responsibility and green consumerism worldwide.

And she had a wonderful husband plus two kids to share the journey with.

But she only lived her dream because she was willing to start, fail and find ways to get back on track.

Relationships are no different, including attracting and building your dream relationship with The One.

The good news: You’ve already started.

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