So many women ask me why men pull away.

If you’ve ever found yourself hurt, wondering “Is he just another jerk doing a disappearing act?,” you’re not alone.

Find out the real reasons men pull away, especially when you’re just starting to get serious…

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Video Transcript

Hi and welcome. It’s Milan with Tuning In to the One, the place and the space where you can find, attract, and build true lasting love with your ideal dream partner and soulmate. Today, why do men pull away after they get intimate in partnership, in dating, and in relationships? Well, it’s pretty straightforward and simple. They get scared. They get intimidated. They feel hurt and wounded. They feel inadequate. They start resenting you because you’re a better version of a man than they are and they’re lacking in authenticity, in honesty, in transparency, and they’re just plain not responsible. They’re not ready. Something scares them. Something intimidates them. Somehow they feel inadequate. They get angry and frustrated at some situation or they get resentful because you’re either too much of a woman or a better man than they are. The blame, the shame, the inadequacy and the criticism starts coming across, and either their inner voice or someone on the outside, maybe you, has shared with them: “What are you doing? “What’s going on?”, and it falls apart. When men fall apart from the inside out, they pull away. When they pull away, they don’t communicate. What they do is they go into their cave. Remember, while men have left the cave, the cave hasn’t really left the man! And so, men grow up physically, sometimes they grow up financially and have incredibly successful professional careers, but what they don’t have is emotional success. They haven’t dealt with their Fisher King wound. They haven’t dealt with being Peter Pan and running away from responsibility, from growing up emotionally, from having emotional intelligence to be able to speak to you. In the sacred soulmate signals, the four core secret soulmate signals are connection, compatibility, chemistry, and communication. Connection is the place where intimacy is built. When a man gets scared or intimidated or frustrated or angry or feels inadequate or thinks you’re just too good for him, he stops connecting, he disconnects, effective communication disappears, and you’re left wondering why. The blame, the shame, the inadequacy and the criticism comes from his inner voice to him; or your outer voice to him; or once he leaves, you’re like: “What happened?” Why do men leave and pull away after they’ve gotten intimate? The real reason is they haven’t grown up emotionally. They haven’t learned how to communicate. They don’t trust that the process will work out. That’s why the four core sacred soulmate signals are so essential. Building connection, exploring compatibility, and making sure you’re using effective communication to have that compatibility absolutely explored before you explode the chemistry that’s there, because once you are bonded through exploding the chemistry and physically sharing, then the oxytocin or the dopamine and all the other stuff is just coming in, and you’re asking yourself: “What happened?” What happened was he got scared, he got intimidated, he felt inadequate, he didn’t know how to deal with his anger or his frustration and his resentment, and he just pulled away. The taming of the shrew is something that a man doesn’t know how to handle. And what that means is he doesn’t know how to handle the impact of seeming conflict or criticism in a way that allows him to stand up and be a man, and say: “Yes, I own my stuff. “I’m gonna come with honesty, transparency, “accountability, and authenticity to the relationship. “I’m gonna honor the relationship, “and I’m going to do what it takes “to make sure we get through this. “Whatever I’m going through, I will share as best as I can, “and we’ll move forward.” But once that blame, that shame, that inadequacy, and that criticism takes over, whether it’s coming from his inner voice or your outer voice, he starts bolting. And when he closes down connection, he goes into his cave. When he goes into his cave, his ability to effectively communicate disappears. So, have hope. There are real men out there. They know what to do. They’ve gone through their Fisher King wound, which is something that might have been around for a long time, some inner unhealed wound that got triggered, and they’re ready to deal with it. They’re ready to be honest and transparent and responsible, or they’ve dealt with it and they’re over it. They won’t bail. So, if you wanna find out more, come and join us in our private group at or click the link on your screen right now or below the video, and you can join us in the private group and get all of your burning questions as well as those questions that have been around for a while, where you ask: “Why do men pull away “after they’ve gotten intimate?” The hot coal, the push-pull, all has a way of being dealt with, especially using the four core sacred soulmate signals. Come join us; you’ll be glad you did. Until the next time, this is Milan wishing you amazing dating success and relationship mastery. Bye for now.