Can you guess?

Take just a couple of moments.

So why did the duck cross the road?

Because she didn’t want to be chicken!

A joke befitting a 4-year-old, but it’s too true in dating, relating and mating.

We are where we are because we’re afraid to take another step. We’re terrfied of life mowing us down if we dare cross the road.

No doubt you’ve been hurt before. We all have, some more than others.

Me? I could barely eat or function after my first wife walked out on her birthday in 1994. My body withered nearly 15 pounds in the first week, my heart shriveling like a raisin left in the sun.

So believe me, I could talk for hours about past traumas. But the point is I eventually did decide to get up and cross the road.

Of course, I’m *not* telling you to just go take a bunch of action. With 3+ billion men on the planet, lots of action toward an unclear Mr. Right can land you right back in frustrating loneliness.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to clarify everything or cross alone. That’s what my new group program is designed to help you do, more affordably than ever (with a whole raft of bonuses for our charter members).

But it’s not right for everyone.

To see if it’s your ticket across the road, go here to apply for a Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session.

Worst case, you’ll walk away with priceless clarity to start stepping to Mr. Right on your own.

To sharing your life with The One,