This one question sparks some serious ire.

Don’t let that happen to you. Or you’ll miss out on the deeper truth.

Before we get down to that, let’s look at common belief.

Tradition says “The man should pay.”

Been that way for ages. Chivalry and all that.

But that rule needs an upgrade, which is:

The yang energy pays.

Yang is traditionally considered masculine energy because it’s a putting-yourself-out-there take-charge way of being.

Everyone has yang energy, though. And women now spend more time than ever before in their yang modes.


Because of workplace culture. High-yang energy is usually required just to function.

And women are great at adapting.

Challenge is, yang energy usually repels yang energy, so women attract men who don’t ask them out.

The women end up doing the asking and wind up in countless confusing situations, including who should pay.

So if you do the asking (nothing wrong with that if you do it consciously), you offer to pay.

If the man does the asking, let him pay. (You can have a clear conversation about this beforehand to avoid misunderstandings.)

This whole yin-yang thing is a DEEP topic, which is bedrock for happy lifetime-long partnerships.

That’s why you’ll hear me talking more about it as we go. Just wanted to give you a tasty morsel for today. No payment required. 🙂

Your thoughts?

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