Starbucks wants their employees to smile. A LOT.

So how do they get thousands of employees to do that?

Before I share what Starbucks’ CEO, Howard Schultz, said, imagine how hard it’d be to train someone to smile often.

You’d have to remind them over and over.

You’d drive them crazy and yourself.

Everyone around you would also lock up from the tension in the air.

That’s why Starbucks doesn’t do that.

Instead, Shultz said, “It’s easy. We just hire people who smile all the time.”

Duh, right? So simple!

Yet so many women make this training vs. hiring mistake with men. They think they’ve got to train their guy to be like they want him to be.

No, you don’t.

If you want a guy to go on lots of trips with, find a guy who already loves to travel.

If you want a guy to make meals with, find a guy who already loves to cook.

If you want a guy to watch a couple of movies per week with, find a guy who’s already a movie buff.

Be happy with him as he is, and simply be his inspiration to improve. (A topic for another time.)

For now, reply and tell me, what’s a must-have trait for your Mr. Right?

It’s always interesting to hear the variety of answers, and I promise to reply back.

To sharing your life with The One,