Happy Tuesday,

The best dating lessons are sometimes found where we least expect them…

Like double-blinded medical trials, of all places.

You have two groups of people who get one of two pills.

One pill is the real medicine, while the other is just a “sugar pill” (aka a “placebo”).

Amazingly, people who take the placebo often get significantly better. Purely from believing it’s going to help them.

Your mind also has this kind of power with men.

You can consciously start looking for every guy you meet to have a positive effect on you.

To use Abraham Hicks’ term, you look for “positive aspects.”

So you start experiencing each man in a much better way immediately.

And you multiply your attraction power to pull in Mr. Right (a la the Law of Attraction), while you’re already feeling happier.

Yes, it’s challenging to do at first, because we’re all so trained to project past trauma on new people.

But with a little practice you’ll have momentum in no time.

No wonder this is one of long-married happy couple’s best-kept secrets, right?

So what’s been your experience applying appreciation to men and dating?

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To sharing your life with The One,