Brrrr. The weather’s getting nippier. The holidays are almost here.

(Don’t laugh. Even Southern California cools off this time of year.)

How are you feeling about your 2016?

Celebrate your wins. And take stock of what you still want, including Mr. Right.

As motivation to have him in your life this time next year, what would you actually be doing with him?

Sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with your family or his?

Sipping eggnog by the fireplace?

Going to the mall together treasure-hunting presents for your special somebodies?

Get super clear. And use all five senses to feel the feelings of your relationship.

Action is still required, of course.

And there are all sorts of trip-ups as you get up to speed.

One of the biggest is dismissing men too soon.

“Oh yuck, he has a carrot bit between his teeth.”

Yeah, well so do you sometimes.

“His feet smelled when he took off his shoes after our date.”

And yours don’t sometimes?

I’m obviously taking examples out of context, and you may not even have these particular pet peeves.

So take the lesson here instead. Don’t dismiss men the first time you get triggered.

Pause for the cause. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Give him some time to show you who he really is.

You want that too, right?

How many happy long-term marriages would’ve never been if either partner bailed within the first few dates?

(In case you’re wondering, my incredible wife and I both triggered each other up, down and sideways early on, yet we sensed a deep connection beneath the surface emotional chaos.)

If you want my help stepping into this long-term mindset and attract The One who shares your same juicy vision, go here to apply.

To sharing your life with The One,