Gotta love that 1983 Weather Girls song:

“It’s raining men
It’s raining men

It’s raining men, every specimen
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean”

Too funny.

Too true, too.

If you want a big buff Aussie, he’s out there.

If you want skinny African-American computer geek, he’s out there.

If you want a creamy-but-tanned Serbian man, well… I’m taken. But there are a bunch of others, so don’t fret. 🙂

Now imagine if there were only three men in the whole world and you got to choose one.

How hard would that be?

It’d be a lot easier than choosing among three BILLION men. (Probably fewer than that for adults in your target age range, but still MILLIONS.)

This is called the Paradox of Choice.

An American psychologist named Barry Schwartz wrote a book with that name (and subtitled it “Why More Is Less”) in 2004.

The gist of the book is the more choice we’re given, the more we struggle to choose.

That’s why dating is more of a sifting-out game than anything else.

The clearer you get about what you *really* want, the faster you can sift.

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To sharing your life with The One,