Katie Holmes is a celebrity, but she’s a human being first. Her rocky love life proves it…

Without going back ALL the way, we know that Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise for about six years. They even had a daughter together, Suri.

Then she divorced him, partially afraid of Suri getting too influenced by Scientology.

In any case, there Katie was… single again, but now a single mom.

Unclear about what she wanted and her confidence in tatters, she reportedly hired a dating coach to help.

A source told Grazia magazine, “It was after her birthday at the end of December that Katie decided it was time to give her love life a different approach… It’s a new year and she wants to do something about

This was back in 2013.

She dated a couple of people and then met Jamie Foxx in 2014, who she’s apparently still with.

We all know celebs tend to be more messed up than average people, so if a dating coaching can work for her, it can work for you. 😉

That said, maybe you’re thinking “Good for her, but I can’t just go hire a dating coach like she can. She’s got a ton of money.”

And that’s an objection I often hear. Personal coaching ain’t cheap!

That’s a big reason I created a group coaching program. But I realize even that is out of reach for many people.

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