When I was interviewed on Lisa Garr’s The Aware Show last week, a caller had an interesting situation…

It was a guy who was afraid of dating women who made substantially more money than him.

No, not because of the usual “I won’t feel like a real man” machismo some might assume.

He was genuinely concerned that a woman doing that much better financially would expect him to step up to her income level.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to having kids.

Makes sense, but logic can be dangerous when it’s built on assumptions.

For starters, a given woman may be happy to meet a guy who’s not into competing with her on income.

This gentleman (he truly sounded like a sincere, caring gentleman) is an Ironman triathlete, who even competed in the Hawaii Ironman competition. That’s supposed to be the toughest one to get into, so he clearly has plenty of drive!

He’s just applying that drive into different areas of his life than making a lot of money. And he still makes enough to take care of his needs.

Sadly, he’s projecting what might happen 10 years down the line and deciding not to “go for it” now.

Imagine if he did that with his exercise. He probably wouldn’t be an Ironman-class athlete, right?

What’s more, he could use what I teach to have a conversation early on about the whole money thing.

That way, he’d make sure he’s truly dating someone who’s compatible.

Where are you making assumptions about men, dating and relationships that stop you before you even start?

Maybe some surfaced from this little story.

Of course, many are so deep that we’re not even aware of them. We need outside perspective to help us get clear.

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To sharing your life with The One,