I have this t-shirt that says “I Speak Serbian. What’s Your Super Power?”

Yeah, I really do speak Serbian since my family is Serbian. (Some people think I’m Italian from my name.)

Anyway, the shirt is just meant to be funny.

Yet you actually do have untapped powers.

Including to attract and build a life with The One.

Lofty statement, right? So let’s justify it with some logic to quiet our skeptical minds…

You’ve been out on a date before? WIN.

Oh, you’ve gone on multiple dates before? BIGGER WIN.

You’ve written and posted a dating profile before? WIN.

You’ve messaged back and forth with a guy before deciding to meet? WIN.

You’ve had a relationship not work out before? WIN. (Priceless experience.)

You’ve sought out information to help you understand men, dating and relationships better? WIN. (You’re here reading this, so this one is a given.)

My point is that you’ve taken so many good steps towards being with The One.

“But I don’t have him yet, so who cares??” you might say.

Well, I care.

Because everything you’ve done has brought you clarity about The One you really want now. We usually find out what we want from first knowing what we don’t want.

Of course, we have to acknowledge there’s something (maybe a few somethings, like most of my clients) holding him away so far.

There are all kinds of energetic reasons why we don’t attract what we want.

So reply and tell me…

What’s your single biggest question about attracting The One in the real world?

I promise to reply back within 2 days if you write me.

To sharing your life with The One,