Dating after divorce is among the toughest steps you may ever take — aside from your divorce itself. Same goes for any painful breakup.

Don’t rush the process. Wait until you have some sense of closure.

When you do decide to step out onto the dating scene again, whatever unhealed wounds you have will reveal themselves, giving you a chance to mend the past even more.

That can be scary, of course. So how do you decide when to date again and what you should do when you want to start?

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Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome. It’s Milan with Tuning in to the One, the place and the space where you can find, attract, and live in true, lasting love, finding your ideal dream partner and soulmate. Today, dating after divorce. What do you do? Divorce or the end of a deeply powerful and lasting relationship is a difficult time. The partnership itself, or the relationship itself, actually has kinda like a life of its own, so there’s a sense of loss, there’s a sense of mourning. There’s actually a profound sense of something has died and disappeared out of your life and there’s a void there. Proper grieving and closure are the most important thing. Dating after divorce, or dating after an important relationship has ended or is ending and is in the process of winding down, you want to have a sense of closure before you go back out there and start the dating game, the dating, relating, and mating game. For a lot of people, there’s open wounds, there’s a rawness, there’s a lot of emotional issues, and turmoil, and bubbling, and activity which requires closure, or requires some sense of being put to rest, being at peace. So, asking yourself the question, do you have closure, yes or no? If you don’t have closure, one of the things that happens is we tend to be in so much pain that we kinda look around for something to fill the void. This can be done with food, with addictive or compulsive-obsessive behaviors, where we’re looking for something to dull the pain, or to not have the pain, or to medicate, in some way, this feeling of loss, to fill up the emptiness, the pain, the hurt, the sorrow, the angst, the fear, the hatred, the resentment. So watch out for rebound relationships. Rebound bonding is something that we can do when we don’t have closure, and we’re emotionally less than grounded and balanced, and we go out there and find something to help fill that void. Could be another person, can be another activity. Some things are gonna be healthy, some things are gonna be less than healthy. It’s up to you to use your own emotional guidance system to tell you, and you’ll know. So watch out for rebound relationships. They can be very tricky, and they definitely require special management. So be ready for a process, okay? When you get out there and you wanna start dating, relating, and mating, be ready for a process. Know what you want. So, do a Soulmate Attraction Blueprint so you can start taking off, or basically moving out of the gate of not being in dating and take off in a way that allows you to taxi, to get out there and to properly take off on the runway of your choice, so you can start ending up going to the destination that you really want to go with in that new relationship or that new dating process. It is a process, so know what you want. Do a Soulmate Attraction Blueprint. Look up our video blog library and get yourself a Soulmate Attraction Blueprint, or get a session with me if you’d like, and that will help you to start focusing there. Then you wanna accelerate your attraction with a Soulmate Manifesto, and that way you’re moving in the right direction. Most importantly, after you have a certain level of closure and you’re not in the rebound process, know that you are worthy and that you’re worth it. So, if somebody is going to be in your presence, regardless of what age, stage, or phase of life you’re in, you really wanna take the dating, mating, and relating process, the dance, the dance of romance, the subsequent compatibility tango or movements that you do back and forth, and especially when exploding that powerful chemistry, connection and effective communication are gonna be your number one and two sacred soulmate signal tools that you’re gonna use in the process of finding, attracting, and building true, lasting love with amazing candidates. You’ll attract those amazing candidates and know what to look for by doing a Soulmate Blueprint, as well as a Soulmate Manifesto, to accelerate and magnetize your attraction. Don’t settle for anything less than you really want. Remember, being alone may not be the most fun, but feeling alone when you’re with somebody else can be even more traumatic or tragic, so make sure you’re doing your Soulmate Blueprint work, the likes, dislikes, wants, don’t wants, the must-haves and the deal breakers. Do your Soulmate Manifesto so you can start magnetizing and accelerating your attraction towards the right type of candidates, and then you’ll be able to find dating, relating, and mating after divorce to be a fun and satisfying process. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve lived the struggle, I’ve gone through it. Remember, four weddings, three wives, two divorces, and one beautiful son. I’ve led a very rich and full relating, dating, and mating process myself, so I know how to relate to my clients. I know what men’s minds look like. I’m a master of interpreting the male mind, and I know how to help women read men’s signals, and especially when it comes down to after loss, or after tragedy, or after you feel like your heart’s been ripped out. It’s wonderful knowing there’s somebody who can help guide you, who can help you grow, and who can help you reach your goals of finding, attracting, and living in true, lasting love with an amazing soulmate, the one that you will fit seamlessly with, because I lived that dream myself. So, this is Milan asking you to like our video if you like what you’ve heard and seen, and subscribe to our channel, especially, and our private group. Look at the link on this screen or right below this screen. So, like this video, subscribe to our channel, and join us. Click the link and join us in our private Facebook group. Until the next time, this is Milan wishing you amazing dating success and relationship mastery. From Tuning in to the One, this is Milan signing off. Bye for now.