The great reverend Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth, was once asked whether she’d ever thought of divorce.

She said, “Divorce? No.

Murder? Yes.”


Jokes aside, Billy and Ruth were married more than 60 years before she passed in 2007.

Their love was obvious everywhere they went. Something for you and I both to aspire to.

Yet they clearly didn’t have the “perfect” marriage.

They had disagreements. Not everything was exactly how they wanted it to be.

Same for me.

I live my life with my dream soulmate wife, yet we still don’t see eye to eye on some things.

We’d also change others if we had a magic wand.

But being sooooo right for each other lets us overlook all that stuff.

Because it’s small in comparison.

So, when you’re making your wishlist for Mr. Right, realize that he may not be a millionaire underwear model who’s also a rocket scientist, speaks 7 languages and loves to cook 5-star meals on the side.

You may find all the Connection, Compatibility, Chemistry and Communication (the 4 Core Sacred Soulmate Signals) with someone a little less accomplished… or chiseled. 🙂

What’s been your experience being surprised (positively or negatively) by men you’ve met?

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To sharing your life with The One,