This is a profound Zen proverb…

Before enlightenment:
Chop wood
Carry water

After enlightenment:
Chop wood
Carry water

In other words, no matter how enlightened you get, you still have to take care of your physical life.

You’ve got to have clean water, food, clothes to keep warm and shelter to stay safe.

Same with marriage.

What happens after you marry The One?

You can have the most lavish wedding and honeymoon you’ve ever dreamt of, yet that all ends.

So what kind of guy would you enjoy doing the “chop wood” and “carry water” parts of life with?

Way too many of us plan more for the wedding and the honeymoon than the cooking, the dishes, the laundry, the budgeting and everything else we’ll need for a healthy partnership.

(You’d be amazed how much fun my wife and I have just doing this “humdrum” stuff.)

We choose the wrong partners because we’re not thinking of the right real-life situations.

I’ve lost count of the women have confessed to this mistake in our coaching sessions.

Of course, many women feel less fun (and a lot less clear) how to pick a guy they’ll enjoy being with day to day.

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To sharing your life with The One,