You’ve got the energy right if you want Mr. Right.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s a quick example…

Some years ago, after a personal growth event I helped put on, I went to dinner with two of the key women behind the event.

Both were highly capable, whip-smart women who could rival any guy any day.

Yet when it came time to order, they asked me to decide on the food. They’d been making decisions all weekend, so they considered it a privilege to let me handle the dinner choices.

I got to feel in-service to these women — an extra honor because they were obviously capable of handling their own needs.

That’s what makes a great relationship, too.

You’re a modern woman. You’re out working, climbing your career ladder as high as you want to go and taking care of yourself.

We men do get that. And hat’s off to you!

Yet we still want the honor of helping you.

It’s like a dance. We want to lead in some ways, and you can lead in others.

Both partners taking charge to lead (the yang energy) at the same time just gets you bruised toes and a bitter heart — a big turn-off to potential future partners.

Worse still, when you’re leading in ways you want a man to, you’ll attract the wrong men AND bring out a version of even Mr. Right you don’t want.

Did you catch that?

It’s one of the biggest success secrets of happily-married couples.

They’ve sorted out who will lead when to feel in union (a.k.a. “yoga”).

For example, even though I love to cook, my sweet wifey often makes dinner while I work. We’re leading and being led in different ways, so we keep enjoying the dance day after day.

Yes, it takes practice. And there are a bunch of nuances to it.

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To sharing your life with The One,