So did you see the American election results?

Some people are outraged. Some people are overjoyed. And yet a few others couldn’t care less.

This isn’t a poltiical email, so I won’t tell you which camp I’m in.

You’re also welcome in my tribe regardless of how you’re feeling about Decision 2016.

Especially since my point here is about how we react to events.

Much of the time, we way overreact. That only becomes clear when we can look back later.

Pretty embarrassing sometimes, isn’t it?

Sometimes much worse. You can do irreparable relationship damage.

That’s why I tell my clients all the time:

“Pause for the cause.”

When the heat’s rising in you in the moment, and you want to erupt on the guy in front of you, steady yourself. Be the witness to the energy in motion (e-motion) without exploding.

All too often, we’re reacting to assumptions anyway.

Like the “WTF” in the subject line. What did you assume I meant?

Maybe I meant “Wow, that’s fickle.” Or “When there’s freckles.” Or something else. 🙂

We don’t know what we don’t know. And what we don’t even know about is pretty hard to fix.

That’s a killer when you want to meet Mr. Right, because you could be making the same mistakes over and over without ever realizing them.

So if you’re serious about having Mr. Right by the holidays next year, and you want my help (at no cost), go here.

To sharing your life with The One,