Taylor Swift is a lucky lady.

She’s tall, beautiful and has legions of fans (who call themselves “Swifties,” apparently).

Oh, and she’s also raked in about $300 million in the last few years.

Not bad.

Yet she can’t seem to attract The One.

After a string of boyfriends (and some hit songs alluding to them), she broke up just recently with British actor, Tom Hiddleston.

I’m declaring it publicly right here…

I want Taylor to come for coaching. For even a few hours.

I have 100% confidence my system would work for her.

After all, she’s a busy professional working woman. If she really wants The One, she can’t keep wasting her scarce off-time on Mr. Wrongs.

There’s only one challenge…

My people and Taylor’s people… well, we don’t have any people in common.

And I’m sure not going to show up to one of her concerts.

A mid-fifties guy crammed in with thousands of screaming teenage girls?

Not happening.

Besides, Taylor’s security guards might swiftly carry me off for looking suspicious lol.

So, sadly, I’ve got to put my plan to help her attract The One on the backburner for now.

But since I won’t be investing those hours helping Taylor, her loss is your gain.

Until Saturday night at 9 PM Pacific, you can apply for a free one-on-one deep-dive Soulmate Attraction Blueprint with me.

If you’re selected, you’ll walk away with clarity about critical traits your Mr. Right must have, what’s stopping you from attracting him and action steps you can implement on your own, if you want to.

On my end, I know a good number of women will want paid coaching, to help them put the plans we come up with during the sessions into consistent action.

Win-win overall.

If this resonates for you and you’re actively dating or want to be, go here to apply for your no-cost Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Session now. This offer expires Saturday night at 9 PM Pacific, or sooner if the few remaining slots fill up faster.

And please, if you have any connections into Taylor’s “Swiftie” inner sanctum, I’d hugely appreciate an intro. 😉

To sharing your life with The One,