There are some pretty stupid ways to die. Here are some real-life ones (that actually happened)…

Falling asleep on train tracks.

Chasing a feather floating through the air… straight over a cliff.

And, wait for it…

Peeing on an electrical fence. (Yep, a guy. Aren’t you thankful you’re a woman?)

Honestly though, if you ask me, one of the stupidest ways to die is…


Without ever having attracted The One and cultivated lasting love. So he’s by your side, holding your hand when his warmth matters most.

Not having your kids standing tight by your bedside, now happy, healthy and successful adults because you guided them so well.

To not have your grandkids tucked in between, some with little arms wrapped around their mommies’ and daddies’ legs and others almost grown up, tears in their eyes, knowing they’re about to lose someone they love so much.

Of course, maybe “stupid” isn’t the right word.

After all, you’ve looked and looked and looked for the right guy.

You just haven’t found him.

Instead, you found a bunch of guys who lie on their dating profiles, only (or mostly) want sex and don’t keep their promises.

And none of the nice guys in between quite felt like The One.

Agreed… it’s *not* your fault.

You’ve done your best with what you know.

There’s just been something missing. Probably a few somethings, if you’re anything like most of my clients.

Want to know what those somethings are?

Well, if you want some personalized guidance from yours truly — and you want it at zero cost — then you’re in luck.

This week only (until Saturday night), I’m accepting applications for 8 Soulmate Attraction Blueprint Sessions.

Make no mistake:
* This is not a sales pitch in disguise. It’s a custom-tailored one-on-one conversation with me where we clarify key traits your Mr. Right needs to have, your #1 biggest block and an action plan to help you attract him.

* If one of my paid coaching options would be great for you (neither of us will know until we talk through your situation), then you’ll hear about them.

Even then, you can just say “No thanks” if you’re not interested. I know a decent % of women will be interested, so all good.

Sound fair?

If this resonates for you, go here now to apply.

This offer ends on Saturday night — and will disappear even sooner when the 8 slots are full.

To sharing your life with The One,