Nothing smells so sweet
Except for you!

See, I wrote you a poem.

Some women thinks that’s all awww-love-dovey romantic.

Other women thinks it’s lame. “Just another game to get in my pants!”

If you’ve got even a little of that last gal in you, please… for your sake… exorcise her.

It’s one thing to be discerning about a man’s intentions and how you like to be romanced.

It’s something else to be cynical.

Cynicism usually spews out of a deep, festering wound. Men hurt you in the past, so it’s only natural to be wounded. But it’s not natural to *stay* wounded.

To start healing, reflect on the good men in your life. The ones who greet you with a smile, keep their promises and help you feel better after being with them.

Even if you have no romantic interest in them whatsoever. They can still help you to heal, so you’re ready to step back into romance.

Or, if you want to heal FAR faster and attract Mr. Right as a natural result, maybe we should talk.

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To sharing your life with The One,