Seems like I touched a nerve, given how many unsubscribes yesterday’s email got.

And I just wanted to be generous!

If you didn’t see the email, I offered free admission into my private Soulmate Attraction Intensive web workshop — for women who guessed correctly to a fill-in-the-blank statement.

The topic was about how men and women use language.

If hearing that men and women tend to use language differently (I’m clearly making a general statement) offends you, I’m sadly not the right coach for you.

I *wish* men and women were easier for each other to understand, too.

Maybe it wouldn’t have taken me decades to decode what makes for great relationships!

To the cynics who say, “No, you don’t wish this was all easier! You wouldn’t be in business!”

Honestly, there’s probably nothing I can say that’d convince you.

I wish it weren’t so… yet you’re best off unsubscribing like the women who did yesterday.


There are ways of becoming even *more* blissful in relationships I’d love to focus on.

That’d just be a disservice to most women, because that’s not where they are.

I want to meet you where you are, take you by the hand and lead you until you attract your Mr. Right.

Yes, it does take some work.

But if my honesty resonates for you, then allow me the privilege to take you by the hand today.

Because you can get my step-by-step guidance with videos, worksheets and — yes — the live Soulmate Attraction Intensive web workshop here.

To sharing your life with The One,


P.S. I’m only going to do that workshop for people who invest in the How To Attract Your Soulmate in Your Spare Time course soon.

Not sure on the exact cut-off. For your sake, though… please don’t miss out.

P.P.S. Have questions? Just reply to ask.