How was your work day?

No matter how stressful it was, there’s one work situation almost guaranteed to skyrocket your stress.

Yet it can be SO tempting because meeting quality men these days feels hard.

You’re busy with work all day long. And men don’t usually show up where you go on your off-time, like your yoga classes or gym.

But dating coworkers (the situation I’ve slinked into talking about lol) isn’t usually a good idea.

It seems like such a great idea on the surface. You’re at the same company in the same industry. You’ve got plenty of time together and so much to talk about when you get home.

Until it becomes a breeding ground for misunderstandings, turning your relationship toxic FAST.

Now what? You still need to show up every day and spend all day together at work.

Separating work from romance is smart for your sanity.

Are there exceptions?

Yes, of course. My partner here at Tuning into the One, Sunni, knows a couple who met and got married at a place he worked a decade ago. They’re still together.

But for every success story like that, there are countless horror stories. Dating coworkers is a slippery slope. So, if you’re going to do it, be careful. You may waste precious time much better invested attracting Mr. Right elsewhere.

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