I love a good story of women finding Mr. Right — especially with online dating, which many of us are so skeptical of.

One gal, Amy, found her hubby through a dating app. Her story sounds semi-normal at first glance, yet she got a CRUCIAL part right many women don’t…

Amy dated for years. That part is easy to relate to. She was depressed to come up empty after so long, with countless friends reminding along the way how there “still plenty of fish in the sea.”

Yeah… right. She just wanted one (THE One), yet he didn’t seem to exist.

So she did something many women aren’t willing to consciously do… She gave up.

She went to work every day, came home and cooked for herself. Sometimes she went out with friends to laugh and talk for a change.

Months went by. She got antsy. The mental portrait of husband and kids tugged at her night and day.

Amy installed some dating apps on her phone to explore. Not a big deal to swipe on some profiles in the evenings before bed, right?

Swiping eventually led to a few text chats, but with most conversations going nowhere.

Then she finally went on some dates, with almost all prospects wilting like fresh roses in the summer sun on the first date. She only went out with a few guys more than once.

Yet one of them turned out to be her Mr. Right. How great is that?

Persistence was key. No doubt. Yet so was having a dating profile that enticed men enough to click and engage with her.

What’s the #1 part of your profile any man will look at first and linger on?

You guessed it… Your photo.

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