What do mango lassi and Indian sweets have to do with your dream man?

They’re yummy lol. But there’s more to it…

These taste explosions came to be normal in India over many years. So no surprise that Indian immigrants brought them here to keep enjoying.

My sweet soulmate wifey Nesit and I got to indulge last week at a fun event called India Night, put on at the Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) here in LA.

(That’s where I’ve been a kriya yoga student through SRF’s program for the last couple of years.)

Our heads were also bobbing to the Indian beats pumping during the dance performance. More rich culture brought over here from India.

Yet, just as Indians have brought their own culture, many of them have also embraced what others have to offer.

At least here in So Cal, you see them eating Mexican food, Chinese food and really everything else under the sun.

Because everyone has something special to share.

So it’s wasn’t a huge surprise to meet a Ukranian woman at the event who married an Indian man.

Still a little uncommon, yes, but people are increasingly seeing The Truth:

There’s only ONE race. The human race.

We’re spiritual beings having this human experience.

Which also means your soulmate could come packaged in a body you didn’t expect.

That’s part of life’s Magical Mystery Tour. While it’s fun and useful to imagine what your dream man might look like, it’s equally important to be open-minded.

Even with all the fearful talk about terrorism and politicians bickering back and forth on Twitter, there’s never been more understanding.

What’s more…

Just like Indians historically married only local people of the same caste, profession, same religious subsect, etc., but now marry for love (many of them, at least)…

Who you can marry and create a life with has changed in a big way.

Now you can find love anywhere at any time, and live the life you choose with that special someone.

So remember…

When you meet any guy and look in his eyes, be open to feeling whatever energy flows in that sacred transaction.

He could be The One.

Now tell me…

Have you ever met a guy you visually thought wouldn’t be your “type” yet felt a connection after getting to know him a bit?

Reply and tell me about it. I’d love to hear your stories. And I promise to reply back.

To sharing your life with The One,