There’s a new dating app with a similar name. It matches you with men based on astrology.

Add that app to the dozens (hundreds?) of others already out there.

There’s one that shows who you’ve been near recently. Crossing paths is tres romantic, no?

There’s another that matches you based on friends of friends on Facebook.

Still another doesn’t allow men to even initiate contact. Like a Sadie Hawkins dance, the ladies get to do the asking.

Then there’s the whole universe of dating sites online.

So there’s no shortage of ways to connect with men. You can connect with thousands right from your smartphone.

Yet countless women still ask me “Where are all the good men?” and “How do I meet men?”

What’s really going on here?

Simple. The real struggle women have is sorting out who’s worth their energy / emotion and who’s not.

Which starts with clarifying what traits are truly good for you in a man.

That’s where I come in. Because the normal dating process can drag for for literally decades, right? How willing are you to plod along like you have been?

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To sharing your life with The One,