Wondering how to recognize your soulmate?

You may not know him when you see him. But you will know him by how you feel with him.

Here are important subtleties to feel for, plus my personal story of how I met and married my dream soulmate wife…

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Video Transcript

Today, how to recognize your soulmate. Hi, welcome, it’s me Milan with Tuning in to the One, the place where you can find, attract, and build and grow true lasting love, finding your ideal dream soulmate, someone that you can spend the rest of your life with. Invest, explore, have amazing experiences. So welcome and welcome back. If you like our series on tuningintotheone.com about love, about soulmates, about the ability to not only find, attract, and then build and grow true lasting love, then please like us and subscribe to our channel. And as always, if you’d like to join us in our private group, click on the link on this video or right below this video and join us. Private questions, private space and place that’s safe, where you can get all of your questions answered and make sure that any burning issues that come up or any situations can get handled. Join us, it’s a wonderful community, we’d love to have you. Today, how do you recognize your soulmate or a soulmate? Is there such a thing as only one soulmate? Or do we have different kinds of soulmates? Well, obviously, there are really special relationships that touch us deeply and that seem to have a little bit of something special going on. I know for me when I met my sweet Nesit, we met at a workshop in a seminar on neurolinguistics. The first time I shook her hand when we were saying hello, she later told me electricity shot through her entire body. Now, I dunno about you but my experience is that doesn’t happen every time I meet someone. Then we had a conversation and decided we were gonna meet for coffee and it was just gonna be for a couple of questions that she had about some topics that I was helping to facilitate and teach and she wanted some answers and I said, hey, why don’t we meet for coffee and let’s talk? So we met for coffee, turned out to be our first date. Something that would’ve normally been a half an hour or hour lasted all day. I found myself driving home going like, wow, I think I might’ve just met the one. And there’s something special about those relationships, so how do you recognize your soulmate? Well, one of the characteristics and traits that are often times found is that you are able to find that connection and that communication and it’s not verbal, it’s without speaking. There’s something special going on, there’s something in your gut that tells you, you found the one. I mean, the exact words in my self-talk driving home were, I think I just met the one. There’s a palpable chemistry, it’s physical, it’s visual, it’s smell, old-factory oriented, something about it just says, wow, ding, boing, bong, and you’re just like something unusual is happening to me. You have a sense of comfort and a knowing there’s a mediate rapport between you two that’s unexplainable in terms of rational, normal, meeting every day people. And, if you look at a course in miracles, there’s a entire section that’s dedicated to special relationships. Recognizing your soulmate is recognizing that there is a special experience, relationship, moment, situation, intersection of two beings happening. The relationship doesn’t always necessarily turn out to be rainbows and beautiful things, because the other thing that happens when we meet that special someone, that ideal dream partner, is there’s a lot of things going on, we might have a lot of stuff that we’re bringing with us and they might have a lot of their own stuff and it could all get triggered. So recognize that it’s not always just rainbows, that there will be moments, opportunities, exchanges, experiences, that’ll have you going like, wow, it’ll be like a roller coaster ride, because there are things going on, layers are being peeled back, the real you underneath all that stuff, all that baggage, all those things that might’ve happened is getting pulled back to the light and it’s looking to find its disillusion and disappearance from your life. So recognize that there’ll be that kind of inexplicable, non-verbal communication that has you going like, wow. There’ll be those moments that are just incredible, that will just be unpalpably different. The chemistry, the electricity, the smells, the situations, you just mind be dumbfounded, or you might just be amazingly aware that even in the little things, there just seems to be amazing moments. I remember the first time that we physically touched, I felt like there was some unusual energy going through my body and it wasn’t just kind of like the strictly physical stuff, it was like something deep and profound is happening to me. So other things that’ll happen is that you all of a sudden find yourself not only feeling very comfortable with the person, but there’ll be this deep sense of either oh my god, oh my god, I’m either gonna run towards this or I gotta turn around and run away. There’ll be that dramatic sense of awesomeness of awe that’ll have you going like, this, I’m not sure about this, this is kinda like short circuiting my normal process, something deeper’s going on. You’re gonna have separate identities but recognizing your soulmate means recognizing your compliment mirror-person that’s there to help you and you to help them guide each other through this process of both being human and being a spiritual being and those two things just have amazing chemical, non-verbal, palpably awesome, in awe kind of things that are going on and you’ll be moved to have this kind of like I have to do something here, I find myself compelled, there’s a compulsion of meeting somebody, it’s amazing, it’s incredible, it’s awesome. Having been through four weddings, three wives, two divorces and have one amazing son, there is a amazing difference the first time I met my sweet Nesit, my soulmate, my true love, that is different from almost any other relationship. It’s very special, it’s very unique, and it had some amazingly unique properties in terms of how we met, what that felt like, how we proceeded, and all the stuff that went through until we have this inner peace and this amazing oneness, independent identities, separate people, just deep, deep, deep profound gratitude. Happy holidays, wishing you an amazing holiday season as we wind down 2016 and looking forward to absolutely an even more fantastic, incredible, full of love, joy, peace, amazing opportunities for just breathing in life for 2017. Until the next time, this is Milan saying bye for now.