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It starts with your Soulmate Attraction Blueprint, but that’s part of only one of the three pillars I want to share with you today…

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Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome, it’s Milan with Tuning Into the One. The place and space where you can find, attract, and build true lasting love, and today, the best way to attract a really good man into your life today, tomorrow, in the near future. How do you do it? What are the different pieces of that particular puzzle? Well, the best way to attract a really good man is to follow a very simple and basic recipe. It’s only got three components. The tools, the environment, and the energy. The tools are what you use in terms of getting yourself ready, in terms of attraction from the standpoint of going out there and doing those things that will let the man know you’re interested. And to find the right man in the right way in the right way in the right place at the right time, especially these days, why? Well because there’s so much on the digital dating front, and what happens is we really experience what I would call different degrees of separation when it comes down to digital dating. The best example I have is Nokia, which started in Finland, and the Finns were very challenged to speak to each other one on one when it came down to personal conversations. But something amazing happened when the introduction of cell phones happened. All the sudden, they started interacting like crazy because this degree of separation where they didn’t have to be face-to-face in front of each other, talking to each other, seemed to open up a whole new world of communication. So digital dating or getting out there and dating online is amazing because the opportunities are truly endless. The downside is that you don’t have that same degree of intimacy, that same degree of personability. You have a degree of separation with online dating. So you have tremendous opportunity, lots of different places and spaces to look. The difference is you really want to think about what are the tools you’re using to find and attract that good man into your life. What’s the environment like, and the third piece is the energy, and that’s what you bring to the equation as well as what you’re attracting in from the standpoint of the other side. So the best way to attract a really good man, a ideal dream partner, soulmate, is to think in terms of what are the tools I’m using, what’s the environment I find myself in, and what is the energy that I’m bringing to the equation? So know what you want in your ideal dream soulmate and partner, and the best way to do this is to do our Soulmate Attraction Blueprint where you find out the wants, the don’t wants, the likes, the dislikes, the deal-breakers and the must-haves. What you want and what you want in a partner. Then do the Soulmate Manifesto Magnetization exercise and this has to do with the energy. So the first part is really the tools, the Soulmate Attraction Blueprint and then the Soulmate Manifesto Magnetization and exercise is the tool that you use to ramp up your energy to be able to do it deliberately. In other words, when you look at your tools, what are you using? Are you just using online tools? Are you actually using physical tools in terms of environment, and that would be clubs, places where you can have hobbies or interests expressed, community centers for activities, organizations where you share the same values, beliefs, or your interests. So Sierra club, biking club, hiking club, walking club. All kinds of different places where you have clubs, organizations, and activity centers where you can find different environments in which to put yourself in aside from where you go everyday. The grocery store, the gym. Those are also great places to meet wonderful people. The difference is you wanna have those tools, the Soulmate Attraction Blueprint and the Soulmate Manifesto Magnetization exercise that’ll allow you to really build up that energy, and when it comes down to your energy, what kind of a person are you emotionally, physically, and energetically? Are you a happy person, are you a fun person? Are you a funny person, are you shy? Are you an animal person? Are you looking for someone to take care of you, or are you afraid of being hurt or having someone break your heart? Are you a thrill-seeker looking to have your bucket list happen like yesterday, tomorrow, the next day, this year? Next year, we’re coming up on 2017. We’re winding down 2016, so it’s important. The best way to attract a really good man has three pieces. What are the tools you’re using to attract and to use, to find that platform and that place? What’s the environment you find yourself into? Is it the online environment, is it digital, is it real? Are you looking for places in your local community where you can actually find common values, common beliefs, common interests, common hobbies? And are you putting out a certain level of energy that’s deliberate? Or are you putting out energy that might be a little bit desperate? Or are you putting out an energy that’s just disinterested and you just, you know, you’re kinda like, “Hey, I’m done with this. “I’m just tired, I’m burned out. “Too many relationship wars, too many “battles, too many scars.” Whatever your situation is, three things you wanna look at to attract a really good man into your life. What are the tools your using, both online and in real life? We here at Tuning Into the One highly recommend and very, very, very much believe that what’s going to work for tuning into that one is the Soulmate Attraction Blueprint as your basis of what you’re looking for, what you want, why you want it, and what that looks like, and then the Soulmate Manifesto Magnetization exercise, which will help you to powerfully work on your energy from the inside out to attract that very thing you want. And then of course, what are you doing with your environment along with those tools that you got going for you? Are you looking in the right places? When you’re online, are you filtering? Are you putting statements like I don’t wanna waste my time, I don’t wanna waste your time? I’m looking for a long time, exclusive, monogamous relationship full of love, heartfelt connection and then use the Soulmate Attraction Blueprint to start asking the right questions, reading into the answers and making sure you’re attracting the right type of person into your life. So until the next time, this is Milan saying join us in our private little group. The link is right here on the video, right below it, or you can join us on Facebook as well, and check us out on tuningintotheone.com. Until the next time, this is Milan wishing you an amazing dating experience and relationship mastery. Bye for now.