Whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton, she’s got something many women dream about.

What is it?

Well, politically, she stepped out of hubby Bill’s shadow way back in Arkansas when he was running for Governor. She had a strong voice and used it.

She’s also had an impressive list of roles in her life… First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and Democratic Nominee for President.

She’s helped crack the glass ceiling for women everywhere. We’ve all got to give her credit.

Yet her personal life has been a mess.

Bill was a skirt-chaser well after they got married. The whole Monica Lewinsky scandal was just the biggest PR disaster in a string of Bill’s cheating.

You can imagine the pain behind closed doors. And the public labels people put on her for “standing by her man.”

But through it all, she’s had one label so many women — even the Hillary haters — dream of:


Hillary gave birth to Chelsea at age 32. She prioritized starting her family, even though she had bigger aspirations.

If you want to become a mom, are you doing that?

If not, what’s stopping you? Unless you’re planning on freezing your eggs, adopting or something else, there’s a finite time window to have kids.

“I need to find a guy!” is the most common answer.

Makes sense! So how are you going about it?

Many women are looping around in frustrating circles.

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To sharing your life with The One,


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